Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 3)

Sydney still didn’t know what to do.  She hit up the gym, hoping it would help straighten up her mind.

Snow was also at the gym and ran into Smee and her future grandaughter (let’s face it this family only makes girls).

Hugging at the gym isn’t weird at all.

Sydney decided to ask Snow for love advice.  She was an expert.

“Don’t let your head get in the way.  You’re heart knows what it wants, listen to it.”

Talking to her mom really helped.  Sydney finally knew what to do.

She decided not to wait a minute more and followed her heart.  And where it lead her to was….


“I think it’s always been you.  You’re the first one I want to talk to in the morning and the last person I think about before I go to sleep.  You’re in my heart always.  How could I not see I was in love with my best friend.”

The big question was would they have that spark….they did 🙂

Speaking of sparks, it’s the couple who was a constant firework show.  Florian was so proud of how hard Snow had worked to lose the baby weight he decided to take her out to celebrate.

Snow took her time to get ready.  She was going to look as hot as a popscile on the sun.

Florian defintiely noticed!

He wined and dined her.  They are too freaking cute!

“Did it hurt….when you fell from heaven”

They were acting like a bunch of love struck teenagers.

The way things were going they would need to be getting a room soon.

And that’s just what they did…..

….it just happened that that room was a bathroom.

They tried to play it cool hoping no one guessed what they were doing in the bathroom together

“Thank you Mr. Blanc for taking a look at that mole, I will definitely have it looked at”

“Let’s take a look at that “mole” again Mrs. Blanc…hehehe”

Since Sydney had choosen Ezra that meant she had to tell Ramrio it was over.

“I’m sorry Ramrio but there’s someone else.  This was fun but I never felt you were in it all the way anyway.  I mean all we ever did was kiss and you know.  A relationship needs more then that.  I hope we can still be friends”

Could it be that Ramrio was more into this relationship that he let on.  Was he really in love with Sydney.

Needless to say he was pretty heartbroken and I don’t think friendship was in their future.

Bella noticed that Sydney seemed pretty down.  Her big sister wasn’t much of a sharer but she knew that things with Ramiro weren’t going so well.

Maybe they had broken up, which was awful she thought.  Really really awful.

Bella thought about it more and decided no matter what to stay away from Ramiro even if Sydney and him were done.

After their date, Snow and Florian decided Dina was their last kid.  Snow tried to savour every moment.

Juste because they weren’t having any more children didn’t mean there weren’t new edtions!

The family finally had a proper backyard!

Random hugs are great.

Bella sat down with Sydney to find out what’s going with her.  She learned that Sydney broke up with Ramiro and was now with Ezra.

“I felt bad for Ramiro, but I just found out he’s already been making out with that Goth girl.  Watch out little sister he has a thing for Blanc girls, ha ha”

Will Bella stick to staying away from Ramiro or will she be doomed to repeat the past. Find out soon.

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