Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 2)

Simone went to see John, again he wasn’t home so she bonding with his sister.  Whe he got home he was pleasently surprized.

“I like you Simone and I think you like me (though why a girl like you would like a guy like me I’ll never understand).  Will you be my girlfriend?”

John was nervous by her pause.  Maybe he was wrong and she didn’t like him.

Then she kissed him and he was sure she liked him.

And that her answer was yes!

Over at Harry and Smee’s, Smee had some news to share with Harry.

“Honey, we’re going to have a baby!”

Harry, not being like his dad, reacted perfectly to the news.

In fact he might be in the running for the best husband in the world award.

The Captain was so excited to learn he was going to be a grandpa.  Smee just hoped he make it that long.

They went over to share the news with the family.  Everyone was so happy.

Harry and Smee went to go practice the whole baby thing with Dina.  Harry was a natural.

Once again Ezra came over.

But this time he needed to seriously talk to Sydney

They decided to go somewhere close by to talk in private.

“Syd, you’re my best friend I couldn’t imagine my life without you.   I know you’re with Ramrio but you desreve so much better.  You deserve me!  I love you, I always have.  I can’t just be friends with you anymore.”

What……Sydney was shocked.

Ezra took that shock as a no.

“I guess this is good bye then, bye Sydney”

What was happening.  How could Ezra be in love with her she thought.  Ezra was her friend, her best friend.  She never thought of him that way or did she.  But she was with Ramiro anyway.  Ramiro was cute and funny and kind of a flirt.  Oh boy Sydney didn’t know what to do.

To make matters worse Leland, her old flame was waiting for her when she got home.

“Hey beautiful, I can’t stop thinking of you.  We should give this another try”

Was she on some hidden camera show, this couldn’t be real.

Man it was sure nice being Simone only having one guy to think about.

Sydney was able to get rid of Leland.  Honestly he had no shot.  She needed to see Ramiro.  She invited him over and they did what they did best.

Ramrio was a good kisser thought Sydney.  but maybe so was Ezra.  She told her to stop that, Ezra was a friend she didn’t like him like that.

She needed to clear her mind, one guess what she did…

…woohooing was great for that.  Except she could help but feel Ezra’s presence.

Bella was cleaning as she always is when she ran into a cute guy right in her house.  She had been dreaming of her prince charming lately.  Could this be him?

Ramiro turned on the charm and introduced himself as a friend of Sydneys.  Bella figured he must be more then just a friend if he was over so late.

“I got to go cutie, tell your sister I’ll call her”

He wasn’t her prince charming after all, he was Sydneys.  He sure was cute though.

That workout session.  Bella couldn’t help but imagine Ramiro chasing her instead of Sydney.

It was time for Dina to age up.

SHe was a nice mixture of her parents.

But I have a feeling she’s going to be trouble.

What will Sydney do about her little love triangle and will Bella get involved and make it a love square?

Stay tuned!

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