Disney Legacy: Bella Blanc (Part 1)

As you know our Cinderella (Bella) is now a teenager which means generation 2 has begun.  Don’t worry you’ll still see all of your favorite Blanc’s!

We start off with Bella doing what she loves…dishes!

She has really taken to cleaning.   She’s even thinking of starting a cleaning service after school to make a little extra cash.

Cleaning isn’t the only thing she loves.  She has become our cook in the family.  And everyone is glad because her scrambled eggs are actually eidible compared to Florians.

Simone and John, if you remember we’re getting close.  She decided to drop by his house.

Unfortunately John was at work.  Simone took the time to get to know his family, who knows they might be her family one day.  She really liked his sister Wendy.  Her husband Peter was a bit childish and their daughter Tinkerbelle just kept asking her about Harry.

Bella extended her cleaning to tending to outside too.  She wanted eveything to be pretty, inside or out.

Ezra was coming over a little more then usual, which is a lot because he use to come over all the time.

And his hugs were getting longer and stronger.

Bella just never stopped!  She decided since she was taking such good care of the house she should do the same with herself.

We can’t forget Gigi.  She was a content child.  She didn’t need much.

Well hopefully she needed a little sister because Snow had another girl, Dina.  Poor Florian, with Harry out of the house he was all alone in a house of girls.

Dina got the royal treatment just like each baby before her.

“Hi little girl.  Daddy isn’t going to survive with all you girls, because all these girls means a lot of boyfriends.  How about we make a deal no boyfriends until you’re 30”

After his chat with Dina, he thought he might have the same with Gigi

“Daddy I’ll wait til I’m 30 I promise”

Simone couldn’t help but laugh in the background.  She guessed it wasn’t a great time to tell Florian about John.

That didn’t mean she couldn’t blog about him though.

Sydney was definitely not obeying the wait til 30 rule.  She and Ramiro were going strong, thought she had to admit something was missing.

Don’t worry alcohol will help with that,

Maybe some jealousy was what was missing.  She couldn’t help but get upset when she caught Ramiro chating it up with some girl when she got back from the bathroom.

She made sure to let the girl know just how upset she was.

And remind her that she doesn’t share her toys.

 However she should have made it clearer to Ramiro.  The second Sydney left Ramiro went to make a new “friend”

 Bella was spending a lot of time with Dina.  So much that Dina said her first word while Bella was holding her


Generation 2 is off to a good start but there’s so much more to come, stay tuned.

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